Lincolnshire IA


Lincolnshire IA provides support to people who have or are about to have ileostomies and internal pouches in the Lincolnshire area. We also give advice and support to partners, relatives, family friends and work colleagues. We have a qualified IA visitor on the committee who is willing to do home visits or at a suitable venue to both parties in the Lincolnshire area.

We hold two meetings during the year, the AGM in April and the Autumn meeting in November; both are held in the Lecture Theatre of the Lincoln County Hospital.

We hold four committee or trustee meetings during the year which are open to the committee/trustees members only

We hold three social meals at the Lincoln Green North Hykeham near Lincoln They are usually in April, September and December. The Easter Meal in April is £12-50 per person for a three course Sunday lunch with tea or coffee. The Late Summer Meal in September is also £12-50 per person for a three course Sunday lunch with tea or coffee. The Christmas Meal in December is from the festive menu and is £15-00 per person for a three course Festive lunch with tea or coffee. (The meals which are subsidised are for Lincolnshire IA members and one guest only).

We also hold monthly Social Get Togethers every 2nd Tuesday of every month (apart from December) at The Ritz Wetherspoons High Street Lincoln starting at 12 noon for a couple of hours. Everyone is welcome, the more the merrier. We will also buy you and your guests a tea or coffee.

Further details of all the meetings and various events can be found on the Events Page.

Lincolnshire IA members receive four IA Journals, three Midlands News Bulletins and approximately four local Newsletters per year.

Lincolnshire IA membership is £15-00 for under 60’s and £10-00 for 60’s and over. Membership is renewable every 1st January.

We also send our members a birthday card and a Christmas card.

If you are making a donation the link on the left makes your donation to National IA. If you wish to make your donation to Lincolnshire IA please state that and also include the Lincolnshire IA Charity No. 1038320. If you also wish to make your Lincolnshire IA donation to research or social events or the day to day expenses of the Charity please state that as well.

We also have our own website which is updated regularly.

We are also on Facebook and to access that go to

Lincolnshire IA also as a fundraiser promotes “The Lincolnshire IA Weather Lottery” for more details contact the Secretary Paul Pyrah.